If the accident is between vehicles or persons don't remove your vehicle before the police arrive at site of the accident;
If a person is injured (but not badly) put him in a vehicle (not the one involved in a collision with another vehicle) and take him and someone who knows the person to the nearest hospital and ask the medical doctor or assistant to call the police;
Show the police your drivers licence, car papers and insurance of your vehicle;
Call the insurance company to assist you, never admit your guilt, only tell the truth of what happened Contact the tourism association (ASINHOS), your destination resort or reservation agent.


This form, of advice is designed to help you in the event of Language and Cultural difficulties when stopped by the Police on the Mozambican Roads. (DOWNLOAD)

Traffic police are dressed in a white shirt and blue trousers - police in grey or green are not allowed to fine you for any traffic offenses.
Put on your indicator and pull over;
Remove your sun-glasses and turn the music down (a sign of respect and trust);
Greet the officer politely, never be rude;
Wait for him to ask what he wants and check he is wearing his badge before showing your identification (no badge then no questions or fine): Go through the motions of showing your license etc (you do not have to hand it over): If you are guilty of an offence first apologise;
If he does not 'forgive' you then insist on a receipt - the actual fine is always cheaper than the bribe: Keep the receipt and show to your host destination, let them take a copy: If you have paid a fine and the officer does not give you a receipt, insist on a receipt, or ask for your money back - do not give up and leave.
Tell him you will report him at ASINHOS or at the next police station.
If you have handed over your papers and they are not returned and you are being harassed or threatened, phone (ASINHOS) (+258) 823 969 890
Do not be scared or intimidated but do not get aggressive
Insist on a receipt and help stamp out bribery and corruption;
If you require advice regarding an accident or police please contact your insurance company, resort destination or the Gaza Tourism Association (ASINHOS) (+258) 823 969 890


No drivers licence
Non-road worthy vehicle (lights/brakes etc not working)
Not having 2 triangles
Not having 2 safety jackets
Not having an insurance policy
Not wearing seat belts (in front and back)
Drunk driving
Alcohol in vehicle - must be sealed in the boot
Exceeding number of persons in vehicle that is registered on car papers
Ignoring traffic regulator lines, signs etc
Not having a blue and yellow towing sticker on the front of your vehicle if towing
Canoes or loads on top of vehicles obstructing ANY view of the windscreen (eg: canoes must face up so curved end does not obstruct view)
Arms out of windows
Driving without a shirt or shoes
Vehicle not conforming to your papers (eg canopy etc)
Cigarettes in the car without a fire extinguisher
Talking on cell phone


The mosquito that transmits malaria (female Anopheles) is not born with malaria - she has to feed on someone who has malaria before she is infected
She feeds from evening till morning
Remember your mozzie repellent
If you are infected - and have not taken any prophylactics - symptoms will appear around 10 days (aching body, sore joints, headache, vomiting, diarrhoea)
If you have taken prophylactics, symptoms can take up to 3 months to appear. Remember to tell your doctor you have been in a malaria area.
If you are still in Mozambique, go to clinic/ hospital for a test and take the medication supplied (normally a 3/4 day course)
Do not delay if you suspect you have malaria - it is fatal if not treated! There is also a private clinic in Xai-Xai. They can be contacted on +258 823 259 730 or +258 823 999 800. There are also numerous pharmacies in town.


The police on the roads are not there just to harass tourists, it is their job to stop people and check their papers and drivers licenses.
Police dressed in grey or green are not allowed to fine you for any traffic offenses
If you are in the wrong, don't argue, just pay the fine but do insist on a receipt.
If you really feel you are not in the wrong and feel up to the challenge ask the police to lead you to the nearest police station and deal with the situation there.


• Just about anything… that you can buy in SA and more….
• Shops in Xai Xai – Shoprite, Saverite, Super Mercado de Limpopo Supermark, Engen Garage with a bakery, various bakery's in Xai Xai, ATM's and the Xai Xai market and many more.
• Fresh Portuguese bread
• Meat, cheese, butter, fruits, vegetables, snacks,
• Pasta, Rice, spices, Tin food, sunflower oil etc.
• Spirits of all sorts, wine & sodas
• All sorts of beer (South African & Mozambican)
• Craft Markets: Great grass mats to use on the beach, hats, wooden bowls, etc.
• Buy a Vodacom starter pack for mts50 and airtime for mts150. You can buy data bundles and use the internet and whatsapp/facebook at a much cheaper rate than roaming.
• Zona Braza has WiFi in the restaurant area.


• Ensure that all passports are valid for at least 6 (six) months (visas are not required for South African Citizens);
• Copy of your vehicle registration papers;
• If your car is financed, you will need a letter from the bank and insurance company stating that you have permission to take the car across the border;
• If you are using a company car or not using a car registered on your name, ensure that you have a letter from the company or person giving you permission to take the vehicle over the border. This must be a certified letter.
• Ensure that all license discs are current and visible;
• Two red triangles are compulsory in your vehicle;
• Two safety vest compulsory in vehicle – yellow vest – hang over seat so that officials can see that you comply;
• If you are using a trailer, it is compulsory to put a standard yellow / blue triangle sticker on the front of your vehicle and at the back of your trailer;
• You will require the registration documentation of the trailer as well, together with permission from the bank (if applicable) or registered owner to take the trailer across the border;
• ZA-sticker compulsory on your vehicles;
• All trailers must have reflective tape on the sides and back.
• Compulsory Third Party Insurance that can be obtained from the border post or at the SASOL / BP Garage just before entering the Lebombo border post – R220 per car and R110 per trailer. This is valid for 30 (thirty) days only.
• Please contact Elliot at 082 222 7357 for assistance at the Lebombo border (Komatipoort) at a cost;
• You only pay for Third Party Insurance. Nothing else to be paid at the border.
• Please adhere to the speed limits at all times and buckle-up in the front as well as in the back
• Everybody must wear seatbelts even at the back.
• You must have a fire-extinguisher in your car, this is required by law;
• The police are very strict about any body part i.e. arm or feet, etc sticking out of an open window. You will get fined!
• Do not put anything on your backseat other than people.
• Always be on the look-out for pedestrians, cattle, goats and un-roadworthy vehicles.