Directions to
Zona Braza Beach Lodge

Zona Braza Lodge is situated at Praia de Chizavane, Mocambique. We are 280km north of Maputo and 40km north of Xai Xai on the EN1, towards Inhambane. The Lodge is ± 800km from Pretoria/JHB. Estimated travel time is between 10 – 12 hours, border and rest room stop included. The road is smooth, pothole-free and you can reach us with a normal car.

GPS CO-ORDINATES: 25° 0'43.67"S 34° 2'10.26"E



Take the N4 towards Komatipoort (Witbank, Nelspruit, Malelane, Komatipoort) you will reach the Lebombo border going through to Mozambique.

Follow the EN1 towards Maputo.

1st Tollgate, Moamba Plaza – mts135. On the double road towards Maputo you will get the first robot, turn left. (On your left hand side you will find a shopping centre with a SHOPRITE).

2nd Tollgate, Maputo Plaza – 25mts – don't take "tag only lane" at the tollgates. After this tollgate you follow the Xai Xai off ramp to the left. You are on the EN1 North (Xai Xai road). You will drive through various small towns: Marraquenne, Maniça, Palmeiras, 3 de Fevereiras, Magul, Mimbiri, Macia, Incaia, Chucumbane, Xai Xai.

When driving through Xai Xai town, you will get the last petrol garage (Petro Moc) on your left and right. From this point it is ± 40km to the turn off. You will drive through the towns of Chongoene, Nhamavilla and the last town, Chizavane. You will pass East Africa Safaris and Paradise Magoo signs on your right, please slow down when entering the 80 -60km zone, keep on driving only 60km or less.

Past the first permanent police post, and then speed trap! After ± 1km out of the town Chizavane, you will reach a dirt road. You will see a ZONA BRAZA SIGN – 10KM and Nascer de Sol sign.

Turn right at this sign into the dirt road. You will drive ± 10km straight on this dirt road. When you reach the sign: Zona Braza 700m. Turn Right at this sign and left to the following Zona Braza sign 700m.


Kruger Park / Mozambique

The "Giriyondo Border Post" is one of two gates that provide entrance to the eastern region of the northern area of the Kruger National Park and it is situated ±45km northeast of Letaba camp. Not only does this border post provide access between South Africa and Mozambique, but it also forms one of the major links for the "Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park". The other access gate for the GLTP is at the Pafuri Border Post, situated on the South Africa / Mozambique border, east of the Pafuri region and north of Punda Maria Camp.


Giriyondo border post, South Africa – Mozambique

The Giriyondo border post located on the Kruger National park boundry between South Africa and Mozambique: Operating Hours: Summer (1 October to 31 March) 08.00 to 16.00 Winter (1 April to 30 September) 08.00 to 15.00 Foreign visitor visas (not required by South Africans) can be obtained at the border post and take approximately 10 minutes to issue.
Border officials are always efficient and courteous in the execution of their duties. Please remember: a valid passport is required. Please remember: Self-drive guests must be in possession of the motor vehicle licence papers or a cross-border letter of authority from the vehicle owner or the car hire company.


Directions to Xai Xai, Mozambique
via Phalaborwa / Kruger National Park:

It is necessary to spend at least 1 night in either the Kruger Park or in the Transfronteir Park if you are travelling via Giriyondo.

(Phalaborwa to Xai Xai = 410 kilometres)

Lomahasha / Namaacha Border Post

The border post closest to Maputo between Swaziland and Mozambique is situated in the north-eastern corner of Swaziland.

On the Swazi side it is known as Lomahasha and on the Mozambican side as Namaacha. The road between Swaziland and Maputo via Lomahasha / Namaacha is not part of the N4 / EN4 TRAC toll road, but is generally considered to be in a good condition. It provides access to the second biggest port for Swaziland's importers and exporters and an alternative to Richard's Bay.

Port Maputo is also closer to Swaziland's urban areas than Richard's Bay in South Africa. Opening hours Mozambique / Swaziland Lomahasha / Namaacha 7:00 – 17:00

With the opening of the Transfrontier National Park in December 2005, Xai Xai has become even more accessible to South Africans and although it is the more scenic route, it is also the route for the more adventurous traveller;
The journey takes you through the Kruger National Park's Phalaborwa Gate and on to the Giriyondo Border Post (95 kilometres);
After going through the formalities at the border, you will travel through the Transfrontier Park on the dirt road with speed bumps at intervals (75 kilometres);
The journey from Massangir Dam to Chokwe is on an old tarred road with potholes and uneven road surfaces. We have noticed that there have been attempts to fix this road and we are sure that it will improve;
About 100 kilometres after Massangir Dam you will reach a T-junction where you turn right towards Chokwe, which is 20 kilometres further. The road improves after this Tt-junction but as always, be on the lookout for pedestrians, stray dogs and cattle;
Continue on from Chokwe for another 60 kilometres to Macia where you will turn on to the EN1 and enjoy the last 60 kilometres stretch to Xai Xai on a well maintained tarred road.


Directions to Xai Xai, Mozambique from Durban:

(Durban to Xai Xai = 790 kilometres)

Take the N2 and stay on the freeway. Go past Ballito, Stanger, Richards Bay, Empangeni, Mtubatuba and Mkuzi;
You will reach the Gollela Border turn-off on your right (approximately 300 kilometres past Durban);
From the border you drive straight through Swaziland for approximately 45 minutes. When you reach a sign board that says Siteki / Goba on your right, drive for another 25 minutes until you reach a T-Junction;
Turn right at the Siteki road and drive straight to the top of the hill. You will reach a small town with a fairly new garage on your left;
Drive towards the Goba Border;
From Goba, follow the road until you reach a T-Junction. Turn right (the sign says Maputo);
Follow the road until you reach Maputo. Go through the toll plaza and drive straight for approximately 1 kilometre;
At the Xai Xai / Inhambane sign, turn left and follow the road that goes through a market and many small towns;
Take the Xai Xai turn-off. 220km to Xai Xai.


to zona braza avoiding maputo

Travel from the Komatipoort border to Zona Braza taking the Moamba or Sabie gravel road: Approx. 1km after Moamba tollgate plaza, take the turn off to your left, Moamba. Left again towards Moamba town. Go over the train track. ln Moamba town you will reach a park on your right (Clube de Moamba) at the end of this park, turn right (shop on left after turn and a church). Drive until you get a split in the road - straight is Moamba road and to the left over the bridge is Sabie - Magude road. You can take both roads. Sabie town has a small petrol station. You will reach the town of Magude, keep on going straight until you reach the bridge. Go over the bridge, turn left when you reach a T-junction (left to the town of Xinavane. To your right is the Moamba road. Drive through the town of Xinavane until you reach a T-junction, turn to your left towards Xai Xai. You are now again on the main road EN1

Travel back from Zona Braza to the Komatipoort border taking the gravel road: From Xai Xai drive app 135km past the town of Macia After Macia, 3 small towns - last town Incoluane. First turn-off to the right is the town Xinavane (standard bank and millennium bank atm signs next to the road in front to the right) Drive through the town of Xinavane. When you reach a dirt road turn to the right towards Magude (Nsaleni lodge sign to the right) Moamba road is straight. Drive next to the train track, then over the bridge, keep going straight. You will reach a circle go in on 6h00 and out on 12h00 (straight) - government building on the left. Straight over the dirt road. You will see Construa building on the left. 1st split will show Nsaleni Lodge to the left, KEEP RIGHT. 2ND SPLIT PANJANE, KEEP LEFT. 3RD SPLIT ZANE, KEEP LEFT Keep on straight until you reach Moamba. Left at the corner where the park ends. Keep straight until you get the turn-off to the right Komatiepoort EN1.


to zona braza avoiding maputo



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