Things to do
at Zona Braza Beach Lodge

An ideal, affordable holiday destination for families and friends. This beautiful Beach Lodge is situated 40km further north of Xai Xai.

Rock and surf fishing – bring your own gear and bait
Dropshot and Fly fishing – bring your own gear
Snorkeling – bring your own gear
Swimming on our safe beaches
Kite surfing - bring own gear

Bird watching 100 + species identified Fish Eagle, African Darter, Little Grebe, Little Egret, Paradise Flycatcher, Southern BouBou, Olive bush shrike, Black-Backed Puff back, Gorgeous bush shrike, Orange Breasted, bush shrike, Woodwards Batis, Pied Crow, Black capped BulBul, Black throated Wattle eye, Terrestrial Brown Bul, Sombre GreenBul, White Throated Robin, Scarlet chested sunbird, collard sunbird, Grey sunbird, Marico Sunbird, dark backed weaver and many more.

At Zona Braza Beach Lodge there is
A Restaurant;
3 Swimming Pools;
A Fully equipped Bar and Pool Room;
A Beach Bar;
DSTV and big screen in restaurant;
Conference Facilities;
A Local Curio Shop;
We have Cell phone reception;
You can enjoy nearby towns and attractions;
There is a Shoprite in Xai-Xai, for your shopping requirements;
We have Ice and charcoal available;
Quad bike rides available (50km from Zona Braza);
Putt-Putt 3km
Excellent Fishing Opportunities.

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